And We Are Off to Uganda

31 March 2017

Well after many months of preparations we are through security screening and waiting at the gate to board the plane for the first leg of our journey which ends in Amsterdam about 7.5 hrs from now. We had a little snafu at checkin because they wouldn’t let me take the extra luggage for free that I’m allowed because of my silver medallion status.  We are bringing 2 extra pieces of luggage filled with reading glasses to donate and some medical drug reference books and lots of handouts for our programs. I want to give a shout out to Chris, my administrative assistant, who spent countless hours at the copy machine and working with the stapler to prepare about 1200 copies. And Dr. Erin Pauling’s church donated 313 pairs of reading glasses. Thanks to Homer First United Methodist!! A number of years ago I asked what kind of items are really needed and the Health Education Missionary for the Church of Uganda in Masindi said “reading glasses”. That struck a chord with me because I rely heavily on mine an I didn’t not know what I’d do without them. Plus they are small, lightweight and easy to pack. Well after trying to politely argue with the checkin attendant for quite awhile I ended up having to pay $200 per bag for the 2 extra. I think there computer Had a glitch today because I had called this week too confirm that I did have the extra free luggage. Anyway, we are now in the boarding line. You’ll hear more from us later. 

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Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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  1. job onen says:

    Thanks for the tour to Uganda..I am an enthusiastic and compassionate to learn new pharmacy knowledge to advance on my pharmacy carrier…
    My question is how can pharmacy sales be increased..

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