Greetings from FIP in Seville, Spain

18 September 2022

The venue is the FIBES center in Sevilla, Spain

Greeting from sunny Sevilla, Spain! I’m here to attend the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) meeting. This is my first FIP meeting and I’m so excited to attend with hundreds of other pharmacists across the globe. There are pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacists that work in both the community and hospital settings, and academic pharmacy educators. Today I went to the opening ceremony which was quite amazing. There were lots of speeches and welcomes from both the FIP staff and elected leaders but also from our hosts in Spain- the Mayor of Seville and the Minister of Health of Spain. We were entertained by Flamenco Dancers and a well-known Spanish vocalist with his band. The musicians were so entertaining and lively that I was dancing in my seat. I’m looking forward to the sessions tomorrow and the rest of the week.

The consequences of the COVID-19 global pandemic that pharmacist can help to overcome
We were given this nice canvas tote and a fan- the latter is needed because the auditorium temperature is set to 26C per the country of Spain regulations. (However, it didn’t feel quite that hot- 26C is about 80F)
The Flamenco dancers choreographed their dance to audiovisual effects- quite impressive!

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