Uganda in the Movies

This weekend I borrowed 2 videos from the library that tell stories of Ugandan history.  I had seen The Last King of Scotland several years ago, and long before ever considering a trip to Uganda. This movie tells the story of a young medical doctor from Scotland who wants an adventure and goes to Uganda to provide medical services but ends up becoming the family physician to Uganda’s ruthless dictator, Idi Amin.  The second movie, War Dance, is a documentary about children living in a northern Uganda refugee camp in Patongo after rebels brutally killed their families.  It is actually an uplifting story because despite their incredibly bad experiences, the children find hope in the music and dances they perform and are invited to compete in the national music competition in Kampala.  I highly recommend both movies- you will get caught up their stories.  But as I watched them I was doing more than just enjoying the films. I was observing the scenery, imagining what it would be like to be there amidst such beauty. In War Dance, I was drawn to all the bright colors that were worn by the children. It seemed such a contrast to the darkness and sorrow that all the children had known because of past experiences.  I am considering making both of these films either “required” or “strongly recommended” for the students who will participate in the APPE (advanced pharmacy practice experience) I’m developing.

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