More Dresses & Hats

Mindi's 18 Hats

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 3 weeks since my last post. Despite the lack of communication, I have been busy working on plans for my trip, specifically working on my research proposal – more about that tomorrow.  There has also been progress on my “pay it forward” projects. I have finished knitting 2 more hats and one is almost done but still on the needles.  I also received a surprise package the other day in the mail- 18 hats from Mindi in Florida, a friend of a friend.  Thanks so much Mindi!! 🙂

Janel also dropped by my house with her first 5 completed dresses! She has really embraced this project and is not only making Little Dresses for Africa (and shorts for boys) but also stuffed dolls and animals for the children at the orphanage or hospital. For more about Janel, her quilting projects and family, check out her new blog, Mama Martin.

Janel's First Five Dresses

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