Less than 2 weeks to go

Today I sorted through and bagged all the baby hats and dresses that people have given me. I was amazed to find I have the following:
* 57 newborn hats & 21 toddler hats (Total 78)
* 75 Little Dresses for Africa (16 Large size 12-14; 32 Medium size 8-10; 14 Small size 4-6; 13 Extra-Small size 2-3)
* 4 boys shorts

Thank you to all who have helped out!! I’m sure the children will love them. I think I will also be getting a few other things to bring along like pencils and stickers and maybe balls and bracelets. I know I’m going to be meeting with lots of children and I really want each child to have something.

Kiera, Bri, and Emy help sort baby hats

Lots of Little Dresses & Hats!

Other Stuff I’m Doing to get Ready

    Since my research proposal is finally in Uganda, I can focus on packing issues. I finally purchased a large suitcase. The one I had wasn’t very big and was really heavy, even when empty. And I’ve been trying on all the clothes in my closet trying to figure out what to bring. Since I will be in a variety of settings, I need to bring a variety of clothes, but I want to try and pack as light as possible. I’ve been told that area and hospital I will be working at in Tanzania is very conservative and basically women wear long skirts. Pants are worn by women occasionally, but long skirts and shirts with at least cap-sleeves are the usual. Since I only found 1 long skirt in my closet, I did purchase one. But both of these are patterned and I really would like to find a solid black or brown one. I am also fretting about the shoes I should bring. I like to wear comfy sandals in the summer, but I will have to wear closed-toed shoes in the hospital. I don’t think I have any of these that I can wear without stockings so I’m still looking around for something appropriate. I will also need shoes that I can hike or at least walk a lot comfortably in. I can’t believe I have less than 2 weeks until I leave. I’m getting really excited but also a little nervous. More later…

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2 Responses to Less than 2 weeks to go

  1. Janel Martin says:

    I still have some dresses and shorts to give you. I am working on the dolls, so hopefully I will at least have a few done for you. They were way more work than I thought. I’m excited to work on stuff for you to take next year!


  2. I thought the dolls looked a like a bit more work than the dresses but I’m sure they are super cute! I can still take more stuff- just get it to me when you can. I’m going to bring everything to church on Sunday for a blessing- probably at the 9:15 service.


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