3 Days To Go

Dresses, Dolls, & a Hat

I received good news yesterday- I found out that I will be be able to take 2 extra suitcases like I had planned to carry all of the charity items, which is definitely necessary to bring everything I’ve received. Originally the Namirembe Guesthouse had volunteered to come to the airport to pick up and hold one of my suitcases while I went to Tanzania, but since I am now staying with my friend, that won’t be possible.  Also, I had thought that there wouldn’t be enough room on the bus from Uganda to Tanzania, but I found out that the extra luggage won’t be a problem. Yeah!  And it is a good thing because I received more gifts today- a cute crocheted hat from one of my old students, a Wilkes’ Alumni, as well as 3 dresses from a woman at church.  The picture below also show the adorable dolls that Janel made.  And in case I forgot to mention it, another Wilkes’ student (now graduated) and her mom crocheted a bag of hats for me. Thanks so much to you all!!

Phone News:  My Global Phone arrived today!!  I’ve read the instructions and now have to go and try it out. It is a normal Motorola phone but will allow me to receive and place calls in most countries using the same SIM card.

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Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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  1. Tina Koerber says:

    All sound like it is coming together. Enjoy your trip!


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