My Last Day in Tanzania

Greetings from Tanzania, on my last day here.  I leave for Uganda early tomorrow morning and am excited but a little apprehensive because I am going to a new place by myself to meet people, who I’ve only gotten to know through emails.  Also, I have loved my stay in Tanzania so much it is hard to leave the group and my hosts behind.  Today we went to a local farm that grows all kinds of crops and raises dairy cattle, meat cattle and meat goats.  The owner was extremely knowledgeable and we learned so much.  He grows about 9 different types of bananas.  Some are for eating like in the US, some are for cooking up to make a mashed potato-like substance and some are for making alcoholic beverages.  He doesn’t process the latter but grows them only as an example of what farmers can grow.

Yesterday we visited 3 families affected by the HIV/AIDS virus.  They all lived in a very rural area and have been given support through American sponsors and the local AIDS control program.  This is an outreach group of the Lutheran church here.  I was able to deliver more dresses and shorts to the orphaned and poor children.  They were excited to have us visit and were surprised at the gifts.  I will talk to you more from Uganda, where I hope to have Internet access and the ability to upload some photos.  Kwa Heri (bye bye)!

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2 Responses to My Last Day in Tanzania

  1. ED Foote says:

    Safe travels! I’ve been enjoying your blogs!


  2. Tina Koerber says:

    Have a safe trip to Uganda Looking to read about your adventures.


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