Lions & Hippos & Buffalos, Oh My- 2!

I’m having trouble getting my images to show.  Hopefully I can post the “title ones” here below.

We didn't even have to leave the hotel to see this large beetle!

There are about 2000 hippos in the park and on a given day you can count 500!

The buffalo just love the mud- they say that when it drys and falls off it removes the ticks, too.

These cute lion cubs don't look fierce, do they?


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3 Responses to Lions & Hippos & Buffalos, Oh My- 2!

  1. Denise Heikinen says:

    Fantastic posts! Thanks so much!
    your cousin Denise


  2. Tina Koerber says:

    WOW! Love the pictures. How great to be able to see all the animals living together.


  3. Rachel Capitano says:

    All of the pictures are so beautiful! I cannot imagine what an amazing experience this is.. a little different than just seeing them at the zoo!


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