Countdown to Pharmacy Trip to Uganda 2012

134 Days until I depart with 4 Pharmacy Students to Kampala and Masindi, Uganda!  Wow, that actually doesn’t sound like much time at all, and I still have so much planning to do.  I just purchased my airline tickets yesterday and the plan is to leave the USA on Sept 7 and stay in Uganda until Oct 7, 2012.  Approximately 1/2 of that time we will be in Kampala working and learning with Pharmacy students and faculty of Makerere University College of Health Sciences.  The other 2 weeks will be spent in Masindi doing volunteer work in health clinics.  Besides making lodging reservations, I still haven’t analyzed or written up my research findings from last year and I need to do that very soon so I can request an extension of my research authorization.

More on Kony 2012: A colleague from another University recently sent me the link to a New York Times article that talks about the controversy surrounding the Kony 2012 video and gave a link to Uganda’s video response by their Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.  It was really good to hear his thoughts in the video and the efforts they have put forward to try to capture Kony. (By the way, Kony has been gone from Uganda since 2006 but he unfortunately is still in the some of the surrounding countries.) At the end of the video, he encouraged people to come and visit his beautiful Uganda.  I can wholeheartedly echo that- Uganda is a wonderful country and I can’t wait to go back and share the experience with 4 pharmacy students!  I also found it interesting that only 36, 523 people have viewed Uganda’s own video as compared to the millions who have watched the Kony 2012.  So, if you want to hear firsthand from a Ugandan regarding the whole Kony 2012 campaign, please watch below.

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Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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2 Responses to Countdown to Pharmacy Trip to Uganda 2012

  1. janelmartin says:

    I can’t believe that you only have so few days, which means that I have less days to get things done to send with you. I hope you have a blessed trip where you can learn as much as possible. Maybe some year I can go along on one of your trips to Uganda 🙂


  2. kbohan says:

    wow, it would be terrific to have you come along. After this years trip I am going to work really hard to turn this into an annual event- I need to find some kind of continuous funding- but when I do, I will certainly be open to ideas of having other come along! My Mom told me she sent a box of Little Dresses for Africa home with my sister Marcia, who was in FL for Easter. Yeah!


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