Off on Our Ugandan Adventure!

Well, we are finally at the airport awaiting our flight to London- Heathrow Airport for the first leg of our journey to Uganda.  15 bags are packed and have successfully been checked through to Uganda and carry the following:

  • 33 Pharmacy Textbooks (weighing about 200lb total) for Makerere University School of Pharmacy in Kampala
  • 12 beautiful handmade quilts by the T-Rail Quilt Guild of Danville, PA. (I’ll post a picture of these later)
  • 64 Little Dresses for Africa made by women in Florida and Pennsylvania
  • 50 knit and crocheted hats for infants and toddles (yes, Africa is actually cool in the morning and evening and babies still need to keep their heads warm, especially right after birth)
  • A whole bunch of miscellaneous toys for the children we meet through working in the rural clinics

Stayed tuned to this blog as our safari progresses (remember, Safari means “journey”).

Update about the prior post on Travel Medicine:  I was not able to video interview my colleague who contracted Malaria recently in Uganda due to his not feeling well on the day of the interview, but… he did tell me his whole story by email and has said I may share it with you on this blog. I will get to that in the next few days.)


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Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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1 Response to Off on Our Ugandan Adventure!

  1. Theresa Blackmon says:

    What a great looking bunch!! Have a blast and savor the experience!!


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