Time Off to Explore Jinja

Hi all- this will just be a really quick post as it is after midnight here so now it is officially 16Sept12 in Uganda. Anyway, we’ve had a very full day on our excursion to Jinja.  This is town just about 70 km northeast of Kampala which is famous for being the source of the Nile River which flows out of Lake Victoria.  The Nile River then flows northward and eventually reaches Egypt. Today we saw the source point which used to be a big waterfall until the 1950’s when the first dam was built.  In the picture, we would have been standing at the top of the falls with the falls flowing from behind us to in front and to our right down the river had this been earlier than 1954.  We took a small wooden boat powered with an outboard motor to this point. Later we took a larger double-decker boat cruise on the Nile river further north.  The day in Jinja ended with a trip to the Ssezibwa Falls, a little known gem which our tour guide hadn’t even been to before.  In fact, most of the visitors we saw at the falls appeared to be locals.  I consider it a real treat that we got to see it. Later in the trip we will see Murchison Falls which is much larger, but never before have I gotten so close to the top of the falls, right where it falls over and splashes down the hillside.

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2 Responses to Time Off to Explore Jinja

  1. Lynn Dickerson says:

    Than you for keeping us posted. The pictures are great.


    • kbohan says:

      Glad you are reading it! Yes, I am amazed out how well our pictures are coming out. Wait until you see our animal ones from Murchison Falls 2 weeks from now.

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