Uganda Birds & a Waterfall

The movie clips shows you the beautiful waterfall at Ssezibwa Falls, one of the stops on our trip to Jinja.  On this trip, so far we have observed a number of animals that aren’t common in the wild back home in the States.  First of all we have monkeys that live on the Mulago Guest House lawn.  The picture isn’t clear as the monkeys are quite fast and hard to capture on film.  Also included is a picture of Steph on the porch trying to catch the monkeys with her camera.  We were warned when we arrived that the monkeys are not very shy and if they try to come towards us, we should act bold and “pumped up” so that they scurry away.  I tried to take a picture of the many we saw swinging through the trees on our boat ride on the Nile River but they are just too fast.  I am also posting a few bird pictures in honor of my friend who writes the Accidental Bird Watcher Blog.  I know the name of the first bird- again seen from the boat ride. It is the Malachite Kingfisher.  The next two pictures are of this very, very large pelican-like bird that roosts in the top of trees on the Makerere University campus, right outside the Pharmacy School.  I couldn’t find the name of this bird, so if anyone can help, please leave a comment.  NEW:  Thanks to a comment, I found out that this is the Marabou Stork.

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2 Responses to Uganda Birds & a Waterfall

  1. Lorrane Maccia says:

    Dr. Bodan, Its a Marabou Stork, Mike will laugh he says if I don’t know somehting i look it up on google. I thought it was a vulture!
    Best Wishes and Be Safe, Lorraine MAccia


    • kbohan says:

      Wow, thanks. Glad to know it. I tried googling quickly but couldnt find it fast. Thanks for checking.

      KarenBeth H. Bohan, Pharm.D., BCPS Associate Professor Pharmacy Practice Nesbitt College of Pharmacy and Nursing Wilkes University 84 West South Street SLC 336 Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766 office: 570-408-4292 pager: 570-821-4829

      From: “” Reply-To:


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