Presentations & More Presentations

It’s been another very productive day.  This morning started off by arriving at Mulago Hospital where at 9am, I (Dr. Bohan), was to present a patient case and discuss the pharmaceutical care issues and how to resolve them.  We were on time but the classroom was in use so we ended up having to wait until 10:30am when it was free. But, the students and I made really good use of the time. There was a canteen (small eatery) next door on the same hallway and we gathered with the pharmacy interns and got to know each other.  We spoke about how pharmacy practice can be improved and the obstacles that will need to be surpassed to achieve that reality.  When the classroom was free, I walked the pharmacy interns through a patient case involving a diabetic wound infection.  Many people participated in the conversation and asked good questions.  Afterwards the Wilkes students and I took a lunch break at some local craft vendors.  It is easy to get addicted to purchasing all of the wonderful craft products available here.  Stephanie proved to be quite the bargainer going from shop to shop to get the best deal.  We also had coffee at a shop called 1000 Cups Coffee House, which makes Ugandan coffee, along with other kinds- quite delicious!  The afternoon was spent at Makerere University School of Pharmacy where the students and I both gave our presentations.  Once we got started at around 3pm, we kept going until 6pm.  The attentiveness of the students, faculty, and pharmacists from the community was wonderful. We had some great discussions and I’m so excited about the future for improving pharmaceutical care in Uganda and hopefully Wilkes, along with D’Youville College of Pharmacy in New York and Notre Dame College of Pharmacy in Baltimore, Maryland can be part of the process!

It is so hard to believe that our 2 weeks in Kampala are up and we move on to the rural district of Masindi tomorrow.  Our time in the big city has been great and although we are sad to move on, we are looking forward to our new adventure.  Because of our travels, the next blog post may be slightly delayed. But we hope you all stay tuned….

About kbohan

Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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