1 Year Later: Returning to Rural Villages of Masindi District, Uganda

Today we took a road trip to the Villages of Iranda and Mboira.  I wanted to thank them for participating in my research (oral surveys that were conducted last summer).  It took about 45 minutes to reach the first village over red, dirt, bumpy roads.  The whole community gathered together. I think the Village Chairman thought I was going to ask them more questions but instead I just thanked them and gave him a photo book of the pictures I took of his village last summer.  I also distributed one-half of the Little Dresses for Africa that I brought with me.  These were made by women of my mother’s church, Good Shepard Lutheran in Hernando, Florida, as well as from my friend, Janel’s, quilt group- T-Rail Quilt Guild in Danville, PA.  The community was very appreciative. Melissa also brought along some toys to distribute. Finally, the Chairman showed us his new well with safe water. He says the village has been healthier since receiving it.  After we left Mboira, we when to Iranda.  I don’t think the Pharmacy students thought the roads could get worse, but the road to Iranda is quite narrow and even more filled with ruts than the main road.  It hardly seems like a vehicle can pass through the small opening between the crops on both sides of the road.  We found the Chairman’s wife at home but the Chairman wasn’t available so we gave the rest of the Little Dresses for Africa to her along with the photo book.  Her son is a Primary School Teacher and on our way home, he took us to see his school. Right now he is renting space in a building but it is hard to believe he can educate 67 pupils in this small place. He is hoping to soon have enough money to purchase land to build a real school.  Melissa had brought along some books in English that we gave him to help him in his teaching.

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