Quilts for Africa

20121001-190732.jpgHello, I know it has been a few days but the group has returned from our Safari to Murchison Falls, Uganda. It was raining on our way up but once we got about 40min into the park it cleared up and we had great weather. The trip was fabulous but more on that tomorrow from Stephanie. Paraa Lodge had wi-fi in some areas but when I was in my room, my USB modem could only pick up “E” rather than a 3G network, which wasn’t strong signal for a post. Also, I was so worn out from our activities… We took a boat ride down the Nile and then hiked up to the falls. I made it, but was much more pooped out than the students. When we returned to Masindi, we found out that there was no electricity. Unfortunately my phone, laptop, iPhone and camera were just about dead and the generator had broken down. Once it got past 7pm, it was totally dark so I basically went to bed quite early. Today, still no electricity, so I had to pay a gas station to charge my phone. Also, luckily, The Water Trust manager let me work at their office and use their generator to charge my laptop. Also, today I met with the Masindi District Biostatistician and was able to get most of the data I need for my water research. Yea! But, some of it could only be saved in Microsoft One Note format so now I have to figure out how to convert the files.

Quilts For Africa: This year along with the Little Dresses for Africa, my good friend’s guilt group, the T-Rail Quilt Guild in Danville, PA volunteered to make quilts for me to bring to the Church of Uganda’s Women’s Hope Mission. (I don’t think that is quite the right name but the group is run by the Rev. Evas who helps the community in many ways such as helping dropout teens get work training, supporting widows, and providing education and support for new mothers.). Here are a few pictures. The women were overjoyed that I came back to visit them again this year and grateful
accepted the quilts.




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