Time to Leave Masindi, Uganda

I can’t believe that my 4 weeks in Uganda are nearing an end.  My students and I are leaving Masindi tomorrow and heading back to Kampala. We will have some meetings there regarding future plans and then leave the country on Sunday.  It has been a fantastic trip all around.  I spoke with the students tonight at dinner and although they are ready to head home, they all agree the trip was definitely worth it and they are glad they came.  They really enjoyed working with all of the organizations in Masindi and they learned so much.  They highly recommend continuing all of the activities with the Uganda Red Cross, the Masindi Kitara Medical Center, and TASO (the aids support organization).  My research and activities with The Water Trust went really well also.  Masindi is a wonderful place and although I am sad to leave because I will miss all of my friends (both those that I met last year and the new ones from this year), I do know that I WILL be back and coming back will be so pleasant because of all of the wonderful people here.

I’ve included pictures here of just some of the people we’ve worked with.

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