Pharmacy Student Introductions: Nikko

Nikko at his Family's Restaurant

Nikko at his Family’s Restaurant


My name is Dominick Ardo and I am one of the pharmacy students who will be traveling to Uganda with Dr. Bohan for the Wilkes University Global APPE.  I am from Pittston, Pennsylvania which is not too far from Wilkes-Barre where I go to school.    Thankfully, we have a great pharmacy program at Wilkes University which offers students to travel. At Wilkes, I am involved in Kappa Psi and the American Pharmacists Association.  I have never left the United States before so I know that this trip will certainly be a learning experience both culturally and educationally.  I never really had the opportunity to travel, so when I learned of this APPE, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of.   I am very excited to learn how pharmacy is practiced in Uganda and to share what I have learned in the United States.

In the US, I keep busy by interning at a Rite Aid Pharmacy in my hometown, bartending at my family’s bar/restaurant, and landscaping for my own business.  I enjoy both retail and hospital pharmacy and have not really decided which career path I would like to pursue yet.  I have worked in retail pharmacy for 4 years and I love it but I am currently learning and experiencing so many new things while on rotations at different hospitals that I have become unsure of what I want to pursue.  I have a very close-knit family and love spending time with them.  In my spare time I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, exercising, swimming, and reading.  I can’t wait for our trip to begin, and I’m looking forward arriving in Uganda!

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  1. Nakabuye Hilda says:

    Hello Nikko, you are welcome to Uganda. You are going to enjoy your trip here.


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