Destination Uganda: On Our Way

It is 9pm at Washington-Dulles Airport and after checking in 10 bags with additional carry-ons, the 4 of us eagerly await departure on this exciting adventure. Jeff is looking forward to being back in Kampala, a city that is bustling and alive with activity (remember he went to Kampala on a 2 week trip last fall). Nikko’s mouth is watering in anticipation of fish and chips on their excursion to London during our layover at Heathrow. Stacy says she’s looking forward to getting settled in when we arrive in Uganda and meeting new people. And at this moment, I am most looking forward to getting some sleep on the plane. 😊 This trip has been a year in the planning and of course this last week has been crazy trying to pack
9 suitcases filled with items to donate (more on that later) as well as my personal luggage. Today right before the students arrived at my house to go to the airport, I nearly had a meltdown when I realized that my 2 carry-ons were going to be too much for me to handle and I had to consolidate and re-pack. But, my wonderful and supportive husband worked his calming magic and helped me solve this problem and got us on the road right on time. Now, as I write this in between talking to the students about all of the activities ahead, I have become excited to meet up with all of my old friends from Makerere University School of Pharmacy, Mulago Hospital, the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda, our drivers, the hotel staff, and the staff of The Water Trust. In addition I look forward to meeting many new friends like the pharmacy students and pharmacy interns. So I’ll sign-off for now. Next time you hear from me I’ll be in another country.

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Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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