A Night of Music and Dancing: Ndere Troupe Show

We are on our way to a night out at the Ndere Troupe Show- a lively African Culture, Music, and Dance Show in Kampala. We invited some Makerere University pharmacy students to join us. Pictured in the front row are Nikko, Stacy, and Jeff, and in the back row are Andrew, Hilda, and Ivan. Two other students joined us at the show, Adele, and Linda. We had a great time and the
BBQ buffet was delicious. The dancing is so fast, especially when they “shake their booties” that it is hard to get a good picture. But I like the one below because you can imagine the dancing and see the beautiful and colorful native dress.

The narrator was quite funny as he told tales and explained the music and dance styles from all over Uganda.

All of the students joined in the dancing at the end. This picture shows the students dancing with members of the Ndere Troupe at the end. Nikko, Jeff, and Ivan really got into it and it was hard to get a clear picture of them, too, as they, too, can dance fast!

The last picture is the group at the end minus Andrew. From left to right: Nikko, Hilda, Linda, Adele (I hope I don’t have them reversed), then Jeff, Stacy, and Ivan.


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2 Responses to A Night of Music and Dancing: Ndere Troupe Show

  1. Judy Heikkinen says:

    Karen, I didn’t see any pictures. The others came thru on previous days, but I only got the word post not the pics this time. ‘Glad things are going well. Mom

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Carol says:

    Thanks for sharing I enjoy reading the posts and seeing the pictures


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