A Day Trip to Jinja: The Source of the Nile Part 2

After our visit to Ssezibwa Falls yesterday, we headed on to Jinja. There we took a cute wooden boat (the picture is from our boat of another group) with a roof out on the Nile River to the Source of the Nile which is where it meets up with Lake Victoria.

20130922-193644.jpgWe got out of the boat and went over to the sign where a new guide explained how John Hanning Speke, an officer in the British Army, discovered the source of the Nile in 1862. At that time, there was a large waterfall, Rippon Falls, where the Nile met Lake Victoria but when the hydroelectric dam was built in 1954 at Owens Falls to provide electricity to all of Uganda, the waterfall was lost. But if you look carefully it is easy to see where the Nile meets Lake Victoria and causes ripples in the water as the spring below the river flows to the top and causes turbulence.


After the boat ride we had a delicious lunch at the Sunset Hotel Restaurant in Jinja. I got adventurous and tried the whole Nile Tilapia deep fried- it was quite yummy!


The final stop was Bujagali Falls. This was a beautiful site overlooking the Nile river. Up until a year or two ago we would have been looking at Waterfalls and rapids, but these were erased when the Bujagali hydroelectric Dam was created to provide more electricity to Uganda. It is sad that the falls are gone and this has significantly adversely impacted tourism and especially rafting, but the electricity was desperately needed. The whole scenario is a difficult one.

On the way to and from Bujagali Falls, we stopped the 4-wheel drive vehicle a few times so the students could interact with the local children and give them some soccer balls that they bought at a store in Kampala. I think this was one of the highlights of the day for them- it is pretty evident from the pictures below.



On the way home we were all so tired from our wonderful excursion that we sacked out. Lucky for me, I was the one with the camera instead of visa versa.

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12 Responses to A Day Trip to Jinja: The Source of the Nile Part 2

  1. carol acacio says:

    Wonderful keep the pictures and posts coming stay safe

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Judy Heikkinen says:

    Great story and pictures. I really anticipate your interesting and informative blogs.

    Sent from my iPad


    • kbohan says:

      I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! It’s fun to write. I think of all my friends and family back home as well as others here as I write it, hoping to discuss things of interest.


  3. Denise in Michigan says:

    Really nice! The fish looks tasty! Did you hear any comments about the attack at the mall in Kenya? From the map, the two countries look close.


    • kbohan says:

      Hi Denise, glad you are following along. No, I haven’t received any comments about the Nairobi attack but we are following that tragedy closely in the news. So terribly sad… Uganda has stepped up security here which is good.


  4. Debra Prelewicz says:

    I have to know if Stacy ate the whole fish…I doubt it!!


  5. John Hagen says:

    Love the pictures–what a great opportunity for all of you. Thanks for sending all your emails Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2013 17:05:14 +0000 To: johnanddianehagen@msn.com


  6. hjudynorm@aol.com says:

    Karen, Eating a whole fish is not experimental in my eyes; that is the way I love to have them served. So much more flavorful when cooked with the head, tail and skin on. Looks yummy! What a great side trip that must have been during your busy work week. Mom

    Sent from Windows Mail


  7. Toni says:

    Looks like the guys are totally exhausted from all they are doing. What an amazing journey for all of you. Looking forward to many more updates. Thanks and stay safe.


  8. Jess says:

    thats great that you guys are updating this! I was actually thinking about that trip and how it was going! have fun!


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