We have been really enjoying trying out lots of new restaurants and food on this trip. Kampala is packed full with great places to eat. I’m also really fortunate to have 3 students with me who are not picky eaters and who have been excited to try new places. Tonight we ate at Faze 2. It was delicious and they had live music- a guitarist and a couple of singers. They sang mostly soft American pop music but then also played music we weren’t familiar with. We all agreed we would definitely eat there again!

On Sunday we went shopping at the Craft Markets and had coffee at a really cute coffee shop across the street- 1000 Cups. Below are a few pictures we took- the coffee was mine- a yummy Mocha. I bought some whole beans to bring home and they’ve been filling my room at the guest house with a fantastic odor!




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    Nice thanks for the posts and pictures

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