Ugandan Potpourri

20131004-205420.jpgThe morning started out with a light rain and while the students spent the morning in the clinic at Masidi-Kitara Clinic, I again headed out to the rural villages outside of Masindi Town to visit 2 health clinics with the District Biostatistician and my driver, Sam. The picture above shows the road when there is just a little bit of rain. Imagine the conditions in a downpour. Even with light rain it feels like the car is sliding around on an ice rink. I do have to say that out driver is wonderful and navigates the poor conditions really well! At one point along the road we traveled behind this motorcycle (boda-boda). Note the load he carried. This is not an unusual site!

The picture below is me and Moses, the Biostatistician in front of the Kyatiri Health Center.

So with this post, I also thought I would just add in some miscellaneous stuff. Look at this cool snail- it was just outside the door to my banta. I know it is hard to see the size, but the shell was about 2.5 inches long.

20131004-212707.jpgBelow is Jeff with one of our favorite meals at the New Court View restaurant- the sizzling beef (or you can also get it in chicken). The plate comes out steaming and literally sizzling we always feel a little bad for the waiters since it is so hot. Note the large rice portion. It is huge! I think they have cooked a full cup of rice for each portion which is 2 cups of cooked rice! Here in Uganda, they call the starch “the food”. For example, when you order a sauce, be it stroganoff or beef stew or sizzling chicken, they ask you what “food” you want with it. The choices are matoke (mashed cooked banana) or chips (french fries) or rice or cassava or chapatti (a delicious flat bread).

20131004-213543.jpgIn Uganda the chickens are truly “free range”. You can see not only chickens just out and about but also goats and cows. I often wonder if they ever run off. It makes me think about now much more Americans will pay for “free range” and “organic” meat and here in Uganda, this is the norm. 20131004-212727.jpg a>
And finally, even though we are half a world away, something’s are the same. The hotel has a bunch of cats running around- I’m sure they keep down the pests, and here is a picture Nikko took of a mama cat nursing her kittens.

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  1. carol acacio says:

    Nice post also enjoyed the pictures

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  2. Karen Geraci says:

    Enjoyed the insight into what the roads look like. That meal looks delicious Jeff! Thanks for the post.


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