Introducing Wilkes Pharmacy Student Participant: Kristen Konosky



5 Days to Go:  Hello everyone! My name is Kristen Konosky and I am in my final year at Wilkes University. I will be graduating as a dual major in Pharmacy and Spanish. I work as a pharmacy intern at a small independent pharmacy in Clifford, PA and prior to that I was a waitress for several years. Throughout my college career, I was involved in pharmacy organizations like American Pharmacists Association, American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and National Community Pharmacists Association. I have also participated in two Alternative Spring Break (ASB) trips to the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica, as well as two summer study abroad programs in Madrid, Spain. Both ASB trips involved various community service opportunities, but my main responsibility in the Dominican Republic was teaching English to children in schools. In Costa Rica, the focus was on coffee farming and learning about the economic and cultural considerations of the global coffee trade.

Kristen in the Dominican Republic

Kristen in the Dominican Republic

These experiences have truly shaped me as a person, expanded my interest in global health and other cultures, as well as furthered my pursuit of lending help to others. I really enjoy traveling and have also been to Italy, France, England, Ireland, Wales, and Australia. It has been wonderful to meet people from other countries and learn about our differences and similarities. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, being outdoors hiking, running, or skiing/snowboarding, and eating different cuisine. My professional goals are to have a career in Public Health Service and pursue additional training to practice in a specialized area.  I can’t wait for our trip to Uganda and I am so excited to learn and experience everything I can!

Kristen in Australia

Kristen in Australia

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  1. kentodoki1992 says:

    Hello Kristen, Makerere University welcomes you.


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