Welcome to Wilkes University & A CPR Exam


Cathy and Gonsha prepare to take the CPR practical exam

Cathy and Gonsha prepare to take the CPR practical exam

It’s hard to believe we are already into the 2nd week of the Pharmaceutical Care Training program for Gonsha and Cathy.  Last week involved orientation to Wilkes University and the American Healthcare System as well has completion of a few assignments to help them get prepared for working at my hospital practice site, Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.  They have also been meeting lots of new people.  Obtaining CPR certification is one of the things they had to accomplish on their first day at Wilkes, in order to complete the credentialing process to allow them to work at the hospital, as for all of our pharmacy students.   CPR stands for cardiopulmonary rescusitation which is the procedure of chest compressions and rescue breathing that can save lives.  Cathy and Gonsha completed the online knowledge component before they came to the USA but once here, they needed to take a practical examination where they had to demonstrate the technique of CPR, how to help a person who is choking, and application of the AED, automatic defribrillator device, that is sometimes needed to save a person who collapse in cardiac arrest (where their heart has stopped beating.)  This exam Wilkes University Nursing Department’s simulation suite.  This is a series of rooms that have been set up to look like hospital rooms and clinics and even includes “dummies” that the nursing and pharmacy students use to practice direct patient care skills.  Some of the dummies are hooked to computers and they can be made to answer questions that the health professions students ask.  Also, their blood pressure can be measured and other vitals obtained like heart rate and respiratory rate. This is all controlled by a computer that the Nursing Faculty cause to do what they want.  Anyway, upon entering the Sim Suite, I could tell that Cathy and Gonsha were nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Although they both knew about CPR and had been exposed to the didactic components before, they had never gotten a chance to practice on a dummy to learn the skills of CPR.  I’m proud to announce, though, that they both passed with flying colors and left the center with smiles on their faces.


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