Last Day at Mulago and Pharmacy Student Presentations

April 15, 2016


The Makerere 3rd and 4th year pharmacy students and faculty who attended the presentations with the Wilkes students.

Our time in Kampala has flown by and Thursday was our last day working with Interns at Mulago Hospital. It seems clear that both the Wilkes students and the Mulago Interns benefited from this experience.  In the afternoon, the Wilkes students gave presentations for the pharmacy students at Makerere University. The talks were well-attended and the women did an EXCELLENT job!! The Ugandan students were really attentive and asked great questions.


Kassi leads the other Wilkes students in a role-playing activity to teach the Ugandan students how to interact with the healthcare team to make a recommendation about drug therapy for a patient

Kassi included some role-playing in her part which was about how to become an integral part of the medical rounding team. She asked her fellow Wilkes students to play the “medical student” and “attending physician” and then asked for volunteers from the Makerere students to make a recommendation based upon their knowledge and skills given the patient case scenario.  Everyone did a great job!


Lauren gave a talk on Antimicrobial Stewardships (how to use antibiotics appropriately to avoid resistance)

I think that Makenzie might have a career as an actress ahead of her if she ever gets tired of pharmacy. Kassi had asked her to role-play a physician that just didn’t want to listen to the pharmacy student. She was to ignore the student’s suggestion and just say “I want what I want, now do it”. She was so good, that she actually scared the pharmacy student who was trying to answer and I think he even jumped when she raised her voice. The student, Sam, was a good sport about the whole thing. The idea was for the Ugandan students to realize that not all of their good advice will be accepted and that is OK. You just need to work with the situation the best you can to help the patient.


Makenzie and Casey presented on the role of the pharmacist in taking care of patients with mental health issues


Casey’s turn to present her content.


The Makerere students were clearly engaged throughout their presentations

In the evening we had a delicious dinner with Eva and Dr. Mohammed from IDI (Infectious Disease Institute) where I was able to explore further the possibilities of collaborating on research.  Our time in Kampala has been fantastic, but tomorrow we head to Masindi for another new adventure.


Eva, one of the pharmacists from IDI, and me after giving a presentation to the group of clinicians. The students and I conducted a small chart review project to look for drug therapy problems in patients with impaired kidneys.

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