Arrival in Uganda, Tired But Safe

18 September 2016

After about 24 hours of travel we are finally in Uganda. Tonight we are staying at the Entebbe Airport Guest House which was only a 10 min drive from the airport. Then tomorrow our Masindi driver, Sam, will pick us up in the morning to go to Masindi which is a 4-5 HR drive depending on traffic. The photos show us loading the luggage on top in the vehicle to go to the guest house. There were us 5 plus 2 others in the van so the luggage road on top. Our rooms are quite nice – you can see the mosquito netting we will sleep under. 

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Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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1 Response to Arrival in Uganda, Tired But Safe

  1. Ed foote says:

    I’m going to be reading these posts just a LITTLE closer this trip. Glad you arrived safely!

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