A Visit to TASO 

22 September 2016

It was another great day of learning at the Masindi Kitara Medical Center. The students and I talked to several patients to learn more about their disease states and provide education about their medications. This had to be done through the help of another person to translate since the nurse wasn’t available to help us. But it only took a few minutes for this process to become pretty natural. At first, though, we were asking the patient if he could speak English and he was speaking back in Runyoro that he didn’t understand us and that was a bit comical. But then they found another patient’s brother who could do the translation and it ended up being a really informative conversation. I think the students learned another good cultural lesson which I think they will share at some point. Tonight, though we are all busy working on presentations. The students are giving a CME (continuing medical education) talk tomorrow for the entire clinic staff and I’m working on my presentations for the MUST conference in Mbarara at the Pharmacy School for next Monday and Tuesday. So I’m going to let the photos do the talking about our visit to TASO this afternoon. (The AIDS Support Organization). Those below show the TASO Drama team singing and dancing with songs that encourage adherence to HIV medicines and hoping for a world that is HIV-free. They also did a skit in the local language that encouraged people to tell their loved ones and support each other when someone has HIV and to take their medication. The rest of the photos are of some of the different areas of the TASO facility. 

Jennie, Nick, Mike, Emily are enjoying the TASO show

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  1. We can’t wait ti receive you at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

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