A Warm Welcome to Mbarara By New Friends

25 September 2016

Emily, Nick, Robert, Jennie, Mike, Derrick, Noah

After a long day of travel we arrived safely to Mbarara. Despite being hot and tired, our spirits were lifted upon receiving warm greetings and smiles by the 2 Mbarara University Pharmacy students who have worked hard to arrange this opportunity, Derrick and Noah.  We’ve enjoyed several hours of socialization and a long tour of the University and Hospital. We also have met up with another pharmacist from the USA, Robert, who is a Clinical Pharmacist for the University of Minnesota. He was here in Uganda for other business but had found out about my project from my blog. When it turned out that our trips would overlap we arranged to meet. He will be in Uganda periodically and would like to figure out if there is a way he can help out with using his pharmacy skills in some way.  I am so glad to have met him!! It’s so funny how the people you need to meet somehow cross your paths without any planning. We are not sure yet how we might work together to improve safe medication use and pharmacy practice in Uganda, but at least we have started the conversations.  

The Poster for My Grand Rounds Presentation

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Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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3 Responses to A Warm Welcome to Mbarara By New Friends

  1. Mary Petrina Smith says:

    So exciting! Hope the conference goes well.


  2. keith says:

    Hi am jwith apolli odongo a srudent of pharmacy in gulu, why dont you guys pay us a visit too, thanks


  3. A.Noah says:

    @Smith! It was more than a wonderful conference. There were lots of interaction, and a great opportunity to learn. We are excited to put into practice the insightful concepts learnt. A big thank you to Dr. Bohan and the students


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