Pharmacy Student Case Presentations at Makerere University

30 September 2016

Nick introduces himself to the class of 3rd year students

It’s been another busy day in Kampala. We went to the Pharmacy School at Makerere University for the first time to participate in the day of case presentations by the Ugandan students. The 4th years went from 9-12 then we had a delicious Ugandan meal at the Pharmacy School Canteen. Then the 3rd years went from 2-5pm.  They had all gone to the hospital this week to see patients in teams and had to write up a case, research the drug therapy issues, and present it by a power point presentation to the rest of their class.  Afterwards their was question and answer time with discussion.  Of course I did a bit of teaching as well to help work through any of the points the students didn’t get clearly.I also got a chance to talk with the Head of the Department, Dr. Kamba, as well as my friend and first collaborator, Professor Richard Odoi. As I write this, I’m waiting at Entebbe Airport to welcome my past Department Chair at Wilkes University.  After encouraging him to come with me to see the wonderful and rewarding experiences of the students here for a couple of years, he is finally joining me. It is his first trip to Africa and the students and I are really excited to have him. I will work with him and the students for one more week and then he will carry on here for the remaining week of the students’ Global Health Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience.  I have to get back to my new University, Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  We have an accreditation visit coming up at the end of October and I need to prepare.  

Dr. Bohan gives a lesson to the 3rd year students

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  1. Mary Petrina Smith says:

    Looks like anither good day of learning.

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