Looking Forward to Meeting the Mbarara Pharmacy Students

30 March 2017

I’m really excited to go back to Mbarara University and meet up with students that the team and I met last September. I’d like you to meet the two Mbarara Students who were instrumental in arranging my first visit and have helped the have invited my team back to MUST and are organizing all of the details.



I am called Aboda Noah. I am in my fourth and final year of pharmacy school at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). I am passionate about clinical pharmacy but also greatly interested in global health, social medicine, drug research and technological innovations. I hope to specialize as a clinical pharmacist after my undergraduate course.

Being part of the MUST Pharmacy Students’ Association has been fulfilling and enlightening. It has made me more informed, exposed me to a broader network of pharmacists and improved my leadership experience to better prepare me for the future as a fully-fledged pharmacist.

Outside the scope of pharmacy, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies and documentaries, dancing, reading about interesting topics outside academics, travelling and chatting with friends and family. I look forward to meeting you all, sharing and learning something new. You are all welcome to Uganda and to MUST in particular.


Hello! Am Derrick Jjuuko, currently in my fourth year doing a Bachelor of pharmacy at Mbarara university now counting days to finish school. As a pharmacy student, I have been able to serve as a leader in different capacities: Former President of Mbarara University Pharmacy Students Association, former Vice President Uganda Pharmaceutical Students Association, General Secretary Of the Inaugural Medical Association Camp and ICT Secretary.

I love my profession so much that I would want to be its voice, fight for the rights of pharmacists and advocate for professionalism. My passion in pharmacy lies basically working with people in hospital (Clinical Pharmacy) and marketing pharmaceutical products. I like talking to people and I am always humbled if my intervention improves on someones life. Besides pharmacy, I like ICT , I was part of the team that designed the first website about herbal medicine for our head of department www.jenaproducts.com and also participated in an ICT related health innovation challenge organised by Upaccelerate Uganda http://upaccelerate.co.ug/submission/wazazi/ . I like listening to music, travelling, sometimes I go swimming, play some football and like making new friends. I can’t wait for this opportunity to meet Prof Karen Beth with her team again. Safe journey as you come to the Pearl Of Africa.


About kbohan

Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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