The Road to Kampala

6 April 2017

After a long but wonderful day, we have arrived safe and sound in Kampala.  Along the way from Mbarara to Kampala, we stopped by Lake Mburo Game Park and saw many Zebras, Impala, Cape Buffalo, Wart Hogs, Verret Monkeys, and a wide variety of birds.  We had a delicious lunch at the Safari Lodge and then hit the road to finish our journey to Kampala.  Our night finished with my tradition of taking the group to Meditteraneo Restaurant for a delicious Italian meal. The ambience is rustic safari romance and the food rivals the great Italian restaurants I’ve been to in the USA.  One of the students (Jess) said “Can we come here every night?”  Now we are off to bed. The students have a really early day as my friend and driver, Haji, will pick them up at 6:30am to go to Entebbe Imperial Beach Hotel for the Makerere Pharmacy Students’ gathering- an International Pharmaceutical Symposium.  One of the students I’ve know for 2 years has invited them to attend and many of the Mbarara students we just met have driven up to attend as well.  Dr. Pauling and I are headed to the headquarters of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda tomorrow to give a 1-Day Pharmaceutical Care Bootcamp to Pharmacists in and around Kampala who have volunteered to start clinical pharmacy services at some of the local hospitals.  Dr. Emily Flores will join us for the day and get a chance to help us facilitate the active learning sessions where the Pharmacists will work on identifying and solving the pharmaceutical care problems in a few different patient cases.  For now we will sleep and as we do, 

enjoy some of the animals we saw today in the Park.

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