Neurosurgery Morning Report, Data Collection and a Surprise Visit from an Old Friend

Monday, 18 June 18


The Pharmacy Crew of the Neurosurgery Ward: Kunkun, Issac, Sara, Prosperity, Miriam, Dr. Bohan (left to right)

It’s been a busy but wonderful day here in Kampala! We started this morning by attending the Neurosurgery Morning Report. Winnie and I were going to head to the chart room to collect more data but she was called to the Neurosurgery Ward so we could help consult on a few patients. The meeting was in the small room in the photo and it was filled with physicians, medical interns, medical residents, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy interns, pharmacy students, and even a physiotherapist (same as a physical therapist)—a true interprofessional team! Afterwards we went into the unit to see one particular patient whom we’d been asked to review regarding his multiple anticonvulsants and antibiotics. I worked with Issac, a 3rd year Makerere Pharmacy student and Miriam, a pharmacy intern, along with the University of Minnesota pharmacy students, Sara and KunKun and their preceptor, Prosperity, and Winnie.  We made our recommendations directly to the head Neurosurgeon who was very receptive and thankful.

Winnie and I then headed to the medical records room and spent the rest of the day in the patient charts.  By 4pm we were both starving so we headed to a very crowded and yummy cafe called Cafe Javas.  Back at the guest house a couple of hours later, I was just getting ready to get on my computer to accomplish some work when I received a phone call that Gonsha, my good friend, was here in the parking lot.  Gonsha is one of the  pharmacists who came to the USA in 2015 to complete a short-term experiential Pharmaceutical Care training course. We ended up talking for hours out on the lawn. The sun went down and we continued talking. It actually got quite cool as the night drew near, especially because there is a nice breeze. It hasn’t rained here for a few days and most folks seem to think the dry season has set in. I think the weather has been beautiful. In fact, right now it is hotter in Binghamton, NY (93F) than it will get in Uganda on most days. It is usually in the high 70’s or low 80’s.

IMG_1676Yesterday the monkeys were going crazy on the lawn as I sat and watched them from one of the cabanas while I enjoyed one of the truly delicious Cokes they have here. Yes, it is definitely different and better than the Coke’s in the USA. IMG_1673

They kept getting closer and closer so I finally had to get up and leave. Monkey’s here are kind of like squirrels or rabbits—a normal event.

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