Back in Kampala with No Power (Electricity)

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Arrival back at Mulago Guest House; this is my driver, Sam, and his new car

When traveling in Uganda, a very nice cultural norm is to warmly welcome back visitors upon arriving back home or arriving to the place you are going. In fact, Janine told me that the Anglican Bishop had returned to Uganda from abroad yesterday and the church was having a welcome back party today. I don’t know how long he was gone but even if it were just a week or two, they would want to celebrate safe arrival home. So, I have returned safe and sound to Kampala and Mulago Guest House. But guess what? There is no power. Apparently it’s been out since last night and it appears to not just be the guest house and the Mulago area, but reaches beyond. It’s unusual for Kampala to loose power for such a long time. It’s not uncommon in Masindi but this trip there were no power issues. This is the reason you must come with a power bank to Uganda. I will have to conserve the power in my electrical devices but should be able to charge them somewhat with the portable power bank. I really, really hope it is back on by tomorrow.

Janine and KarenBeth at the New Court View Hotel

I had a really great time visiting with Janine this weekend as well as Sallie, the owner of the New Court View Hotel. Most of the time when I’ve been there I’m the past, I’ve been too busy to socialize but this time was more relaxing. I was able to both meet with the people I needed to talk with, to learn about herbals in Masindi, and talk with friends.

Update to yesterday’s blog: One of my past Ugandan students, currently a pharmacy intern, saw my blog yesterday and informed me that the NDA (like the USA FDA) is now requiring all packaged herbal remedies to be registered and since he is interning there now, he was able to check on the brand I posted. Unfortunately it is not registered. He did inform me about a reputable herbal product line that Professor Dr. Patrick Ogwang, the Head of the Mbarara Pharmacy School and President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda, has developed called Jena Products. These are well researched and supported with medical literature and available in Kampala. I plan to check them out in a pharmacy here this week before I go home.

Update to the Lack of Power Situation: I now have power–Yay!!

Enjoy some photos of the Ankole Cattle in the Masindi region.

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