Safe Arrival in Uganda!

1 January 2020

Wow-2020! Happy New Year! It’s the start of a new decade and it’s going to be great!! Well I’ve arrived safely to Uganda after a 26hr trip. All went very smoothly with the flights. My seat mate is with the WHO and we had a great conversation. I told him all about my work and he gave me some good ideas going forward. We are planning to meet up this week and talk more. He may be able to connect me to others with similar interests. The only bummer upon arrival is that my Uganda phone lines aren’t working, although my colleague checked on them before I left and put some airtime on them for me. But, I’m grateful for the Wi-Fi at this cute hotel where I’m staying tonight and I’m sure I’ll get things worked out tomorrow. So after a nice hot shower, I’m snug under the mosquito net and ready to get some sleep. Talk to you tomorrow. The pics below are my room at the Entebbe Airport Guest House. I highly recommend this bed and breakfast!.

About kbohan

Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice Binghamton University School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Binghamton, NY USA
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1 Response to Safe Arrival in Uganda!

  1. Judy heikkinen says:

    So glad you arrived safely and had a good trip and seatmate

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