Reviewing the Videos with the Actors and a Big Ugly Bird

5 Aug 2022

Meeting with the actors (pharmacists Nickson and Paul)

Today I met the pharmacists who will be acting in the videos, Nickson and Paul. I met Nickson a few years ago when I was here. I’m so glad to have their help. We went over the 3 community pharmacy scenarios we will film and they helped me to make sure they were realistic. They assured me I was on the right track. Over the weekend I need to finish up the 3 hospital scenarios so we can review them on Monday.

The site of the new skills lab
Yummy tiny bananas

Shortly after I got back from the university today my trusted driver, Haji, brought me some little yellow bananas. He had remembered they are my favorite. They are tiny but pack great flavor. The are sweet but not too sweet as they have a little tang to them. I’m looking forward to the weekend. I may do a little shopping tomorrow and I’m seeing my old friend, Vicky, and her family on Sunday. Vicky is a pharmacist at Mulago National Referral Hospital and she spent some time with me in the USA for pharmaceutical care training back in 2013.

A Maribou Stork

As we pulled up to the pharmacy school this morning we were greeted by the biggest ugliest bird you will ever see- a Maribou Stork. They eat garbage and are all over the Makerere campus. They are quite a sight to see.

Maribou Stork

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