A Morning With The Hippos & Croccodiles

20131012-212738.jpgThis morning we woke up to the sounds of a heavy rainstorm at 6:15am. We were getting up early anyway because we had a boat ride scheduled at 8am but this didn’t bode well for seeing many animals. Luckily, as most of the Ugandan rainstorms do, this one passed and we didn’t get wet on the boat ride. It was still overcast until this afternoon, but I think we hit the jackpot as far as water animals go. We not only saw tons of hippos and some crocs, but we were fortunate to get to take the small boat which goes really close to the animals (they also have a double decker big boat that is nice, too, but unless you have a great zoom lens, the animal pictures aren’t as good). AND, we had a fearless guide who got us up close and very personal with the largest crocodile I have ever seen- not that I have much experience, but out driver, Sam, who has lots of safari experience said it was the largest he has seen and was quite impressed! Well, I’ll let you all decide for yourself. Check out these photos





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3 Responses to A Morning With The Hippos & Croccodiles

  1. carol acacio says:

    Nice pictures

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Karen Geraci says:

    Those are some big crocodiles! Yikes, maybe your driver got too close!? Nikko’s face says it all. Great pictures!


  3. Jeffrey Bohan says:

    Awesome pictures!! I guess the crocs are smiling big for you!!! Say Cheese!!


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