A Collage of Photos from Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

20131013-191730.jpgGetting ready to go on the boat ride on the Victoria Nile River- it seems gray is the color of the day.

20131013-193153.jpg“Eye” spy multiple hippos!

20131013-193655.jpgWow, double rainbows at the top of the falls!

20131013-193920.jpgStacy’s smile is saying “take the picture fast and get us away from these crocs”

20131013-194225.jpgHey, you lookin’ at me! (Jackson Hartebeest)

20131013-194444.jpgWe finally got to see elephants up close- yea!

20131013-195257.jpgSunrise from Paraa Lodge while eating breakfast.

20131013-195434.jpgMidday in the savannah grasslands of Uganda- the Acacia Tree is a familiar symbol of Africa.

20131013-200005.jpgSunset over Murchison Falls National park- a fitting end to a wonderful trip and our final game drive!

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8 Responses to A Collage of Photos from Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

  1. carol acacio says:

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  2. carol acacio says:

    Wonderful pictures

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  3. Jeffrey Bohan says:



  4. hjudynorm@aol.com says:

    Wow! Great photography! And what incredible beauty and wild animals, up close and personal. Mom

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  5. Karen Geraci says:

    From sunset to sunrise, your trip was awesome!


  6. Denise in Michigan says:

    I second all the above comments about the animals and the photographers. Good thing Uganda’s national parks are open, even if America’s are not!


  7. Debra Prelewicz says:



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