A Gathering of New and Old Friends in Kampala

Today we left Masindi, Uganda and headed back to Kampala. We wanted to have one last night here so we could once again meet up with the new and old friends we have met on this journey and also so I could have some final meetings to discuss the next steps in the collaboration of Wilkes U and D’Youville College regarding the Pharmaceutical Care project with the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda (PSU) and Makerere University. The first picture is of Sam Opio, the Secretary of the PSU, Professor Richard Odoi of Makerere U and me as we discuss the next steps in true project. My co-collaborators from D’Youville joined us via Webex conference call until my USB modem ran out of the data plan and abruptly cut us off. Nonetheless it was a productive meeting.

20131015-001557.jpgThe rest of the pictures below we’re taken at the dinner I arranged at an Italian Restaurant called Il Patio. It was delicious and we had great fellowship and conversations. There were a total of 19 attendees! We will all miss our new friends and pledge to keep in touch and hopefully meet again when we return. I know I am coming back but all of the students really want to come back as well!! It has been a fabulous trip for sure!!






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2 Responses to A Gathering of New and Old Friends in Kampala

  1. carol acacio says:

    Nice post and pictures

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  2. Karen Geraci says:

    Enjoyed the post and pictures


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